Nvidia Jetson and Buildroot

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I want to build a minimal computer-vision based system using Jetson Nano and Buildroot. Is it possible ?

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I once used buildroot to build a root filesystem for a Tx2; it ought to work for Nano.
The problem you may run into is integrating the binary-only parts of the system. Depending on our exact use-case you might not need the binary-only components and this might be a non-issue.

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Thanks for your info. I wonder if you could share your experience on installing the Buildroot customized rootfs into Tx2, please ?

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I didn’t dig very deeply. I built a root fs and booted it. Beyond that I didn’t really explore much further.

I posted my configuration on this thread: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1046993/jetson-agx-xavier/embedded-linux/post/5318526/#5318526


Hi @khang.letruong,

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to let you know that I have a Buildroot port for the Jetson Nano (4GB SD card model - p3450-0000) that will be submitted to the main Buildroot project soon. There’s still a lot of work left for system configuration and packaging of NVIDIA software, but the base board configuration works.

After checking out the branch, you can build the firmware with:

$ cd buildroot
$ make jetson_nano_defconfig
$ make all

The resulting image will be generated here buildroot/output/images/sdcard.img.

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@gleva That’s great news. Would you mind sharing a link to the upstream patch and discussion once submitted?

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It’s very nice of you to inform! I’m a fan of Buildroot!