NVIDIA Nsight Compute and ncu error

I tried to profile my application with both NVIDIA Nsight Compute and Nsight Compute CLI (which Compute calls in the background).

They both give the same error:

==ERROR== Profiling is not supported on device 0. To find out supported GPUs refer --list-chips option.

And then:

==WARNING== No kernels were profiled.
==WARNING== Profiling kernels launched by child processes requires the --target-processes all option.

Note that NVIDIA Nsight Compute gives an error message which closes automatically. I was only able to read it trough screenshotting.

I tried using nvprof and it works just fine.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M (960M Series (Notebook)) and the latest drivers (471.41) and CUDA Toolkit (CUDA Toolkit 11.4 Update 1 or 11.4.1) and Nsight System (2021.3.1.54) and Nsight Compute (2021.2.1).

I am on Windows 10 (64 bits).

While I can use nvprof, is there any solution or cause to the problem?

GTX 960 M has a GM107 Maxwell GPU - which is not supported by Nsight Compute. Refer Release Notes :: Nsight Compute Documentation.
You will need to use nvprof.

It did work before upgrading.

Any intention to support it in the future or I have to downgrade nsight if I’d like to use it (for instance with Visual Studio)?

Do I have to downgrade anything else?

It did work before upgrading.

Nsight Compute never supported Maxwell-class GPUs. There are no plans to add support for it in the future. Presumably, referring to “before upgrading”, you had used Nsight Visual Studio Edition or nvprof for profiling on this GPU earlier?