NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise Software Update - January 2023

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise is a scalable, end-to-end platform enabling enterprises to build and operate metaverse applications. Based on Universal Scene Description (USD), Omniverse Enterprise allows teams to connect and customize complex 3D pipelines and operate large scale, physically accurate virtual worlds.

New applications and connectors are now available.

Nucleus 2022.4.0
Major update for 2022.3.0 release from September 2022


Deep Search 2022.2.0
New service available with Enterprise Nucleus Server subscription. Deep Search is an ecosystem of interconnected services that allow users to intuitively search through large, untagged 3D asset collections within your Nucleus server.


  • Search service that allows indexing and searching for content on a Nucleus server using asset metadata
  • Can be used within Create, Nucleus Navigator, and the Omniverse Launcher.

IT Managed Launcher 1.8.1
Previously named “Enterprise Launcher” - new naming for clarity. Minor update for 1.5.7 release from September 2022


  • Improved documentation for Enterprise installation
  • Designed for use on an air-gapped network and does not require network connectivity or an NVIDIA account

Kit 104
Major update of Kit 103 release from September 2022


  • Customizable hotkeys
  • Multiple Viewport support
  • New Activity Monitor provides much improved progress feedback and file loading analysis
  • Added NVIDIA DLSS 3, MaterialX 1.38, C++ Extension support
  • Dynamic MDL reloading
  • MaterialX 1.38 support
  • C++ Extension support

Create 2022.3.1
Major update based on Kit 104.


  • Layer based collaboration workflows
  • Multiple viewports NVIDIA DLSS 3 support
  • Clear Coat Rendering in RTX Renderer Real-time mode
  • Progressive Geometry loading
  • New Physics Authoring toolbar
  • Support for multiple simulation scenes and SDF collision generation

View 2022.3.3
Major update based on Kit 104.


  • Improved UI for a focused user experience, streamlining it for the design review process
  • With View being a viewer first and foremost, editing and saving USD scenes has been eliminated (no Save button), meaning there’s no risk of modifying the original files. (you can continue to use Create for editing and saving USD scenes)
  • Measure Tool has an improved UI and new capabilities – point-to-point, multipoint, area, angle dimensions
  • Export markup to common formats like pdf, xlsx and csv

Farm 104.0
Major update for the 103.1.2 release from September 2022


  • Full support for deployment and scheduling on Kubernetes clusters
  • Renewed UI based on NVIDIA Kaizen providing improved usability and performance

Connect Updates

New enterprise-supported Omniverse Connectors are now available for Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Alias, and PTC Creo. Additionally, major updates have been provided to existing 100 series connectors focusing on:

  • Live workflow user interface improvements
  • Updates on resolver and client library
  • Updates to core materials

Adobe Substance 3D Painter Omniverse Connector 202.0
New connector now Enterprise supported.


  • Redesigned user interface and improved status indicators
  • Workflow improvements for texture and materials management
  • User-defined texture export directory
  • Ability to place mesh and textures in different Nucleus locations
  • Option to split Nucleus texture folders per texture set
  • Support for custom OmniPBR TextureSet (Packed) and OmniPBR TextureSet presets
  • Support for Importing legacy UV tiles
  • Complete feature list available here.

Autodesk Alias Omniverse Connector 101.0
New connector now Enterprise supported.


  • Command Line Interface version of the connector (Alias installation needed)
  • Send to Omniverse for automated USD workflows
  • Tooling to fix the layer assignment

PTC Creo Connector 109.1
New connector now Enterprise supported.

Complete list of improvements and bug fixes for this release can be found below

Please log onto the NVIDIA Licensing Portal to download the latest Omniverse Launcher release.

All supported versions of Workstation Launcher contain the above updates to Omniverse Apps and Connectors.