Nvidia Riva on Jetson Nano


Can you install and run Riva on Jetson nano?

Just found this link:-

Look like it have a Riva layer, :)


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Hi @Fhalo48

Thanks for your interest in Riva,

Apologies, Currently at the moment, we support the following below embedded devices only for Riva

Reference: Support Matrix — NVIDIA Riva Skills

Currently we do not support Jetson Nano

I am curious if Riva is being developed for the new Jetson Orin?

HI @linuxdev,

Thanks for your interest in Riva

Riva will add support for Jetson Orin in a future release

Is there any plan to support Riva on the Nano in future?

The Nano’s chip is quite dated even if the particular circuit board it comes with is newer, so Nano is just in maintenance and does not support new development.

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Do you know if Riva 1.x will run on it?

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