NVIDIA SDK - Flashing Jetson AGX Xavier


I pressed the “Power On”-Button only and recorded the log using Minicom.

And after running recovery mode and flash, it will go to this one and cannot flash?

0084.175] E> FAILED: MEMIO rail config                                         
[0084.189] E> Task 50 failed (err: 0x7979061c)                                  
[0084.193] E> Top caller module: ALIASCHECKER, error module: ALIASCHECKER, reas6
[0084.202] I> MB1( BIT boot status dump :        
[0084.232] I> Reset to recovery mode

When going into Recovery-Mode manually (pressing Middle & Power Button) and flashing using SDK in Manual mode, the last couple lines in the Minicom-Log before the SDK throws errors are those, yes.

See NVIDIA SDK - Flashing Jetson AGX Xavier - #17 by schoeneberg


Are you sure this is not AGX industrial module but a AGX xavier module?

Sorry, was on vacation. Yes, I am certain.