Nvidia-smi error 535.54 problem


For my 4090 in Ubuntu 22.4, nvidia-smi worked two months ago, (everything was new, cudatoolkit was updated, cuda was updated.) I didn’t check it much afterward. But today, the nvidia-smi fail, how to fix it? I tried to downgrade to 530 in software and update", but it showed error when I selected 530…
Do I need to purge everything related to nividia again? thx

(base) xxxxx:~$ nvidia-smi
Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch
NVML library version: 535.54
(base) xxxxx:~$ dkms status
nvidia/535.54.03, 5.19.0-46-generic, x86_64: installed

I have tried to install cuda again, no help…

wget https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/repos/ubuntu2204/x86_64/cuda-keyring_1.1-1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i cuda-keyring_1.1-1_all.debsudo 
apt-get updatesudo 
apt-get -y install cuda

Well i purged the nvidia and installed nvidia driver and followed by comaptible cuda and lastly installed the cudnn compaltible version . first make sure that your nvidia is properly removed if you find anyother way to solve this problem without purging nvidia please do share.

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