Nvidia-smi shows no devices were found although driver is installed

Hello forum,
I have installed nvidia drivers and dpkg shows the version but nvidia-smi show no devices found. Is there any problem? How to resolve this?

Attached image of the same.

any suggesion?

Hi again,

Please run sudo nvidia-bug-report.sh from a shell and attach the resultingnvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to this thread.


data (863.9 KB)

This is the file.
Thanks for your help.

You used the open kernel module installation option. This does not work on a GeForce GPU as is.

May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.397361] NVRM: Open nvidia.ko is only ready for use on Data Center GPUs.
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.397363] NVRM: To force use of Open nvidia.ko on other GPUs, see the
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.397364] NVRM: 'OpenRmEnableUnsupportedGpus' kernel module parameter described
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.397364] NVRM: in the README.
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.757101] NVRM: GPU 0000:0b:00.0: RmInitAdapter failed! (0x62:0x0:1849)
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.757565] NVRM: GPU 0000:0b:00.0: rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 0
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.757635] [drm:nv_drm_load [nvidia_drm]] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000b00] Failed to allocate NvKmsKapiDevice
May 22 10:33:57 ryzen kernel: [    6.757756] [drm:nv_drm_probe_devices [nvidia_drm]] *ERROR* [nvidia-drm] [GPU ID 0x00000b00] Failed to register device

using the workaround is not recommended. Please start over with the proprietary driver.

I have attached two images here. One is my simulation requirement and one is list of all available drivers for my system. Can you please suggest me which one should I installed as per my requirement.

Do I need to run purge again to uninstall all NVidia drivers?

Thank you so much for your help.

Please use the 525 - distro non-free driver.

And yes, to be safe, please purge the 530 driver first, without the GUI running, to make sure the Open Source kernel module is removed.

Pardon me to ask this but when you suggest without running GUI means not to use “softare & updates” to install driver and use command-line
Go to advanced recovery options and run as root user to install the driver?

Thanks once again and apology to ask this if it sound silly question to you.

I have done.

Thanks you for your help

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There are no silly questions. Especially not when talking about Linux :-)

“Without GUI” means without a window manager so that you can be sure all parts of the NVIDIA driver are un-loaded before you remove/replace them.

But it seems you managed to resolve your issue now?

Great news!