Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU and ESXi 6.5

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently installed a Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU in my server running ESXi 6.5.

I’ve tried making a passthrough on all 32 addresses for the card on the list but when that happens and when I try to assign the card to a VM, the option the assign the PCI device is greyed out.

I’e managed to to set a passthrough and make Active 1 address and than I was managed to assign this card to the VM.

My question is:

  1. Does this mean that only 1 GPU core is assigned to the VM out of a possible 32?

  2. If so, any ideas how I’m able to assign all 32 cores of this card to the VM as when I try the option to add the PCI device to the VM is greyed out?

Please advise.

Kind Regards


  • First of all you should mention which host you are using. I assume there is something wrong with your BIOS as it seems you are seeing the SR-IOV virtual devices. You should change your BIOS to get a single T4 :)


    Hi Simon,

    Many thanks for your reply and apologies for not stating the host. It’s a Dell R620 running ESXi 6.5.

    Just so I understand, the reason why I’m seeing 32 addresses is because the SR-IOV in the BIOS is set to Disabled and hence it is enabling the Nvidia T4 to appear to have multiple physical PCI devices as oppose to just 1?

    Should I be changing the SR-IOV in the BIOS to Enabled in order to get just a single T4?

    Kind Regards

    Correct! Please give it a try.