NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter | Transparent areas of imported .dds file colored black

I have the issue that .dds files imported to CC 2017 will lose their transparency.
The transparent areas will be black.

Hi utfz.chris.ke!

This is a known issue and should be fixed in the next version. The problem is that the new plugin currently represents colors using standard premultiplied alpha, so when the alpha channel is 0, the RGB information gets lost (since the plugin thinks that alpha = 0 means the pixel is fully transparent, so the RGB color shouldn’t matter - but it does!). I’m working on a fix for this - but while you’re waiting for it to be released, the legacy version is available at the bottom of https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-exporter.

Thank you for the report!


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Thanks for the quick reply, good to know it’s known and being worked on.
I guess this topic can be closed then.

Hi utfz.chris.ke,

We just released version 2020.1.3 today, which should solve this issue with fully transparent areas! It should now work without you having to change your workflow at all, but if you’re interested about the technical details, I explained them in this post. Also, check out the release notes on the Texture Tools Exporter main page to see what else has changed in this version.

Thanks again, and hope this helps!