NVidia Texture Tools NVTT / Exporter

Is it currently possible to resize images during conversion with NVTT 3 library or nvtt_export.exe? I would also be interested in “discarding” the first level of mip(s) as a sort of down-sizing or quality resize option, if such a thing is possible.

In our game engine, we use the NVTT library to automatically convert png files from our asset directory to the game’s datafile directory when they become outdated or such. Currently, we are forced to keep the asset files the same size as the datafile versions, but it would be great if it were possible to convert from 4K to 2K maps, for example.

Appreciate any information!

I can actually answer this myself after looking further into the samples online. There is an image::resize() function that can be used to resize textures before starting the mip-map generation loop. I ended up calling it like this to get a smaller power of two size.
image.resize( new_size, nvtt::RoundMode_ToNearestPowerOfTwo, nvtt::ResizeFilter_Box );

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