Add a mipmaps limit to NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter

Hey, im using the newest version of NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter & Photoshop. The “older” Texture Tools Exporter had an option to limit the mipmaps. Is it possible to get this function back or did i miss something in the options? Sometimes i really need like 6 or 8 mipmaps, but the exporter will output me 10.

Hi @csyon!

We just released NVTT Exporter 2024.1.0, which includes two new options: “Minimum Mipmap Size” and “Maximum Mipmap Count”.


These both allow you to control the number of mips generated, but in slightly different ways. “Maximum Mipmap Count” is I think what you’re looking for; it explicitly controls the maximum number of mipmaps generated. So, for instance, if you only want to generate mips 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4, you can set it to 5. Its default is MAX, which generates a full mip chain.

“Minimum Mipmap Size” is also there as a way to support the most common case – when you’re working with an API that only allows images whose width and height are divisible by the block size (4 px for every block-compressed format except ASTC). It makes the Exporter stop the mip chain before it generates a mip whose width or height is less than the given size. So, for instance, if you’re working with power-of-two textures, you can set this to 4 px; then the Exporter will only generate mips whose width and height are greater than or equal to 4. (It always generates the base mip, so if your input texture is 1x1, you’ll still have issues. One option is to also add the new Resize effect in the “Fit If Smaller” mode!)

These are also accessible on the command line via the --min-mip-size and --max-mip-count options.

Hope this helps, and thanks again for the feature request!