Nvidia Vulkan driver use 6.2Gb RAM and crash on compiling simple shader - driver bug

What steps will reproduce the problem?
(1) Nvidia GPU required
(2) chrome.exe --use-angle=vulkan --enable-features=Vulkan,DefaultANGLEVulkan,VulkanFromANGLE
(3) https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XcB3Wm
(4) Uncomment line 9 #define Nvidia_BUG
(5) Press Compile on page
(6) Expected - Color on screen change to green if shader compiled.

What is the expected result?
Chrome does not eat 6.2Gb RAM to compile this simplest shader.

What happens instead?
Chrome use 6.2Gb RAM and entire system can freeze because of it.

Additional information:
I have tested this bug on Nvidia 3080RTX and some other older Nvidia GPUs - works exact same on every Nvidia GPU - this is driver bug.

Hi there @s48gs.w, nice to read fro you again.

Did you try running this in standalone Vulkan?
Or on a different GPU that supports your shader in Hardware with SPIR-V?

Don’t get me wrong, this could of course be a driver bug, but seeing that this goes through web based shadertoys compiler AND the Angle translation layer it is really difficult to debug. Because my suspicion is that the shader itself when run in a Vulkan app will not cause any issues.

Chrome with Vulkan is just simplest way to test it.

  1. this is not Chrome/ANGLE/Chrome-Vulkan/SPIR-V compiler bug
  2. this is not shader bug, there no loops in shader or any UB
  3. I did test this bug on multiple GPU, multiple Nvidia and not-Nvidia - shader works perfectly fine on non-Nvidia GPU, bug happening only on Nvidia
  4. yes bug works exactly same on ay Vulkan app - Vulkan Samples for example, put this shader there. Im not providing example in binary application because Chrome works in Vulkan mode.
  5. compilation of SPIR-V is not issue, and exact same SPIR-V work fine on other GPU when only Nvidia can not compile/launch this SPIR-V

This bug was working in drivers 525 linux, I tested windows/linux, I do not remember exact windows version but around same.

Now - on driver 545.29.06 this bug does not work anymore.
Shader work as expected.

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