NVLINK port support for RTX 3090 Ti, RTX 4080/4090

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  • Currently I am using RTX 3090 that supports NVlink to connect two RTX 3090s. So, is it the last RTX with NVlink support?
  • I just checked RTX 3090 Ti, that also does not have NVlink port. Am I right?
  • I am thinking of buying two new GPUs for my real-time rendering work. The framework is on Multi-GPUs, at least two GPUs are connected with NVLink. So, the latest RTX 4090 sounds very promising. But again, both RTX 4080 and 4090 does not support nvlink anymore.
  • So, if I connect two RTX 4090s and they will transfer data in-between with PCIe connection. Can you tell me whether the data transmission will be faster enough compared with two RTX 3090 connection over NVLINK bridge?
| 2 RTX 3090 with NVlink Bridge          |   2 RTX 4090 with PCIe Bus |
| performance evaluation for real time rendering on Multi-GPU setup  |     

As nobody answered, I am answering myself now:

  • Until NVIDIA thinks about bringing NVlink bridge back, RTX 3090 is the last gpu of this tech.
  • Right
  • Yes, still there is no support but data transmission over PCIe board
  • There is no comparison found over the internet. But my hypothesis is, considering data transmission rate with the NVlink and PCIe, two RTX3090 will be faster than two RTX4090
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