NVMe-OF Target Offload with Multiple NVMe Devices?

I’m going through the article on configuring NVMe-OF Target Offload, and I noticed that it says that currently, an offloaded subsystem can be associated with one namespace, and an offloaded port can only be associated with one subsystem.

Does this mean that if I want to have multiple NVMe devices that have target offload enabled, I’d need one port for each NVMe device? Say I have multiple SSDs, would I need one port for each SSD?

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Yes, currently support is only provided when every subsystem/namespace has it’s own unique NVME device associated to it’s own unique port.


nvme0n1 → subsystem1 → namespace1 → offloaded port (example:

nvme1n1 → subsystem2 → namespace1 → offloaded port (example:

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