NVMe OF on Windows

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I am using Mellanox CX313A card for my NVMe OF testing in linux platform with all the open source tool and driver. I want to simulate same on Windows 7 platform, My doubts are, Is there any way to call RDMA Verbs APIs from my custom user level application in windows?. Or Is there any way to send RoCE packet from My Custom User level application in windows? Or using SMB Direct is there any way to send NVMe OF Command.? Since I was unable to get clear answers on above questions in google., So am asking direct questions here. Please enlighten me.

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NVMeOF on Windows is currently not supported within Mellanox adapters. It is in the roadmap to support it at the initiator side first in the near future

Suggesting to monitor Mellanox website to get updated on this feature

To clarify, there is no standard NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) driver for Windows that is provided or supported by Microsoft. If there were, it would support Mellanox adapters through the standard Mellanox Windows drivers.

There are one or two beta NVMe-oF initiator drivers for Windows written by other vendors (not by Microsoft) and these do support Mellanox drivers and adapters. At some point I expect Microsoft will either officially support one of these 3rd-party drivers or provide their own Windows NVMe-oF initiator driver, and either way it will also support Mellanox drivers and adapters.

Thanks aviap for the reply. Can you also help us with our following clarifications.

What kind of support Mellonox is planning? Will Mellanox provide drivers with support for NVMf, which means IHVs coming up with NVMf products don’t have to write host drivers to support NVMf? Or will the Mellonox driver only act as provider and IHVs have to provided the consumer drivers(like the linux nvme fabrics driver( https://community.mellanox.com/s/article/howto-configure-nvme-over-fabrics )) to support NVMf?

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NVMeOF on Windows is currently supported within Mellanox adapters ?