Nvme SSDs

Can anyone tell me, is nvidia jetson board have comapatibility with Samsung 980 pro 2TB and it jetson board able to perform well and able to use memory addressing.

The Samsung 980 pro 2TB requires PCIe Gen4 which is not supported by Jetson Nano.

What about 1TB and what about other

  • Jetson Xavier NX
  • Jetson AGX Xavier
  • Jetson Orin Nano
  • Jetson Orin NX
  • Jetson Orin AGX

For Orin, Orin NX, AGX Xavier and Xavier, Samsung 980 pro 2TB should work well, many others developer have tried it.
But for Orin, it is a limitation of the PCIe clock. The Orin nano has a lower power budget, therefore even though the controller is Gen4 capable, the Fmax on the clock won’t support Gen4 speeds.

Can anyone please tell me which nvidia board support 8TB SSDs ?

That’s not the SSD storage size, but the PCIe Gen4 support issue.
In theory, there is no size limitation for storage in Gen4 spec, but we don’t have much SSD to do the test.

(1) What about support for 4TB SSDs ?
(2) Can i mount multiple 3-4 SSDs of 2TB Storage into the Jetson Board Using an NVMe RAID adapter. Will this work ?
(3) Will this work with Gen3 as you mentioned Gen4 support issue.

Please make a new post in AGX Orin board so that we can check. For Jetson Nano, these new NVMe SSDs are not supported.

Hmm, the package says that it is backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0. Doesn’t that mean it will work with the Jetson?

I hope so, because I have one here I intend to use. In fact, I “thought” I bought it because I had already used it successfully in another Jetson. Clearly with lower performance, but that doesn’t worry me so much.

This should work:
It’s a M.2 Type M card with 6 SATA ports. You could plug a 4TB SSD or a 20TB HDD into each port and would have 24TB of SSD or 120TB of HDD storage. Of course you would need an extra power supply.

Alternative: NAS storage via network.

I’ve successfully used Dual 2TB Samsung 970 NVMe SSDs with Xavier AGX and a ConnectTech Rógue carrier board.

4TB and 8TB SSDs should also work fine. However, cooling might be an issue with Gen 4 SSDs since the M.2 slots are located between carrier board an processor module. Gen 3 SSDs use less power and require less cooling.

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