Nvprof Internal profiling error 4190:38

I first compiled my code with nvcc, then when I profile my code with nvprof:

nvprof ./test

Outputs what I’d expect:

==5911== Profiling application: ./test
==5911== Profiling result:
            Type  Time(%)      Time     Calls       Avg       Min       Max  Name
 GPU activities:  100.00%  4.1506ms         1  4.1506ms  4.1506ms  4.1506ms  render(vec3*, int, int, vec3, vec3, vec3, vec3)
      API calls:   98.25%  690.10ms         1  690.10ms  690.10ms  690.10ms  cudaMallocManaged
                    0.62%  4.3625ms         1  4.3625ms  4.3625ms  4.3625ms  cudaDeviceSynchronize
                    0.52%  3.6506ms         1  3.6506ms  3.6506ms  3.6506ms  cudaFree
                    0.32%  2.2770ms         1  2.2770ms  2.2770ms  2.2770ms  cuDeviceGetPCIBusId
                    0.27%  1.8872ms         1  1.8872ms  1.8872ms  1.8872ms  cudaLaunchKernel
                    0.01%  101.70us       101  1.0060us     800ns  2.3000us  cuDeviceGetAttribute
                    0.00%  12.900us         2  6.4500us  1.3000us  11.600us  cuDeviceGet
                    0.00%  6.0000us         3  2.0000us     900ns  3.0000us  cuDeviceGetCount
                    0.00%  2.9000us         1  2.9000us  2.9000us  2.9000us  cuDeviceGetName
                    0.00%  1.3000us         1  1.3000us  1.3000us  1.3000us  cuDeviceTotalMem
                    0.00%  1.2000us         1  1.2000us  1.2000us  1.2000us  cudaGetLastError
                    0.00%  1.1000us         1  1.1000us  1.1000us  1.1000us  cuDeviceGetUuid

However when I introduce the --metrics flag, specifically to identify inst_fp_32 and inst_fp_64 I get the following:

==5856== NVPROF is profiling process 5856, command: ./test
==5856== Error: Internal profiling error 4190:38.
took 0.010927 seconds.
======== Profiling result:
No events/metrics were profiled.
======== Error: CUDA profiling error.

I’ve tried searching but can’t find anything related to 4190:38 and how I should go about fixing it.


  • Compiled with nvcc: release 11.5, V11.5.119
  • Arch is sm_61, for a gtx 1060 g6b
  • Using WSL2 - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Any help would greatly be appreciated. Everything runs and compiles as I’d expect it to, only nvprof seems to be giving me this error.


Events and metrics profiling is not supported on the WSL configuration. This is documented in the Profiler Known Issues section of the profiler guide.