NVS-310 with two 2560x1440 DP monitors only detects one monitor at PC startup with Xorg

Hi all,
I hope i am in the right session, otherwise i apologize.
I have the following configuration:
nvidia NVS 310 on a Fujitsu PC with two monitor connected by Display Port cables (2560x1440 resolution) on a Debian 7 (Wheezy) system. I am using nvidia-drivers and Xorg.conf. Here the list of packages

glx-alternative-nvidia 0.2.2
ii libgl1-nvidia-alternatives 304.131-1
ii libgl1-nvidia-glx:amd64 304.131-1
ii libglx-nvidia-alternatives 304.131-1
ii libxvmcnvidia1:amd64 304.131-1
ii nvidia-alternative 304.131-1
ii nvidia-glx 304.131-1
ii nvidia-installer-cleanup 20120630+3
ii nvidia-kernel-common 20120630+3
ii nvidia-kernel-dkms 304.131-1
ii nvidia-settings 304.88-1
ii nvidia-support 20120630+3
ii nvidia-vdpau-driver:amd64 304.131-1
ii xserver-xorg-video-nvidia 304.131-1

What i experience is that (not always but quite often) when Xorg is started right after the PC power on, only one of the two monitors is detected and configured (DP-2), while the other (always on the secondary display port DP-3) is left blank. From the Xorg log (attached) i see that only one “valid display device” is recognized. By lounching nvidia-settigns in this configuration, the DP-2 monitor is correctly configured and listed, while DP-3 is blinking (it continuosly appears and disappears from the list)… the same behavior while monitoring the Xrandr output (DP-3 continuosly jumps from connected to disconnected).
Restarting Xorg solves the problem, but at any random startup of the sytem problem is always there.
I have no idea how to get out of this. Can someone please help?

XORG_LOG_ISSUE.log (42.8 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (171 KB)
xorg.conf.txt (2.37 KB)
20170203_173147.mov (3.95 MB)

Debian 7 is using quite old software, so this might be fixed in newer versions already. Have you tried booting some more recent system, maybe from usb/dvd? Though it might be a problem to get a live system with proprietary drivers active, I know.
More generally, why are you forcing the edid and connected monitors in your xorg.conf? Have you tried switching the monitors at the connectors of your graphics card? Just to rule out problems with cables/monitor hw?

Thank you for reply,
however this is part of a serial production system with fixed debian release.
I am forcing the EDID file to try to avoid this issue, since in th Xorg log i saw that the EDID parameters negotiations is failed sometimes. However this did not solve the problem. Monitors are OK, if i switch monitors, it is only the same video-card DP exit which gives the problem, and this is reproducible on several clones units so no cables/monitors issue.

Minor glitch: ConnectedMonitor has to be a comma seperated list.