NVWMI: frequent warnings in Windows Application Logs

I’ve noticed that each 30 minutes, multiple (9 in total) NVWMI triggers a warning in my Windows application logs, full code: NvAPI_GPU_GetBoardInfo error code=-1

I am running a HP ZBOOK 17 G6 With a Quadro RTX5000. The driver has been updated to the latest version, R440 U8 (442.92). I’ve performed a clean install of this driver.
I have also workstation, which is running 2 RTX4000 cards, which have the same behaviour??

Googling shows I am not the only one having this issue. I cannot find anything in the Knowledge Base, please help.

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I’ve logged a ticket and this was the feedback:
Engineering has several open bugs on this issue, where the user gets NVWMI events and the system operates normally.
They are working on fixing the bugs but unfortunately we don’t have a timeframe.

Hope this gets resolved soon. I do not see any performance issues, but a good running system doesn’t log warnings in the application log.



Dear NVidia, I’m experiencing the exact same thing - a flurry of warnings every 30 minutes sharp. However, this is not without consequences; when this happens, the audio on my computer (Dell Precision 7740 running Windows 10) gets distorted for a handful of seconds. I have verified multiple times, with headphones and event log - the two occurrences happen at the exact same time, which by the way is not even a “round” time (i.e. it’s xx:09:43 and xx:39:43 since my last reboot).

At this moment I’m trying to establish whether this is the side-effect of a service; I’m trying to disable all services one by one trying to find the one that stops this from happening. Please post any progress on your fix,

Adding my voice to this issue.
2-3 times a day logs show 100+ entries. (NvAPI_GPU_GetBoardInfo error code=-1)
Seems consistent with BSOD experienced by the user. Error and blue screens have survived a system rebuild, firmware updates and driver changes. I can only conclude it’s hardware related.
Dell Precision 5540
Nvidia T200 (Mobile, secondary)
Intel UHD Graphics 630 (Primary)

and yes also, my voice to the chorus,
“please solve this annoying bug”:
NvAPI_GPU_GetBoardInfo error code=-1
Just a Dell Monitor in use.
many time occur after 970sec.

Same here. Dell Precision 5550, Nvidia Quadro T2000. Latest updates.
Win10, build 2004. Hundreds of NvAPI_GPU_GetBoardInfo error code=-1 from NVWMI per day.

Here it started on Dec, 16. Last NVWMI information entry that was not a warning before it started to occur massively was “NOT spawning provider, session=2 (old=2), eventType=0x5, PID=5036”.

Close by the first warning in the event log are Intel’s service “igfxCUIService2.0.0.0”, “edgeupdate” and “Dell Support Assist” stuff.

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Same thing with a new Dell 5550 with Nvidia Quadro T2000.

For me, the behavior remained even after updating to Win10 20H2.
However, upgrading nVidia drivers to most current 457.09 seemed to change things: NVWMI now creates only “information” entries in the log and no longer warnings. Perhaps nVidia fixed things here.

Hi, this behavior follows since min 1 year on all NV Quadro cards (e.g. M2000M, T2000, P4000, …) and drivers (CAD-Certified, latest 443.66) on all DELL Precision Models. As long as it is a warning it might be OK, but it occures every 30mins and I dont know what side effects can arise.
Would be happy if this will be solved asap.

Owner of a re-certified Dell 7740 - just got it. Noticed static on audio every 30 seconds. Hard to believe there are issues like this on such a high-end machine. Went searching and found this thread. I’ve got the same NVWMI warnings in my Windows application event log. NVIDIA, please help.