OEM server Tesla cards

Hello, does anyone have experience with using nVIDIA cards NOT sourced from server manufacturers like DELL or HPE? I would like to know if these cards are running DELL or HPE specific firmware to make the cards work with their servers.

The reason is due to the big price delta between sourcing the cards from DELL with their servers versus sourcing(cheaper) the cards from a 3rd party certified nVIDIA partner.

For our Dell servers we just use there regular firmware updates via Dell Openmanage. Dell Doesnt touch the M10 card in the server

So i asume there is no specific firmware needed

We use R740

In general the OEMs use generic Tesla boards so there is no difference in terms of hardware/firmware but there are sometimes exceptions that it is necessary to have a custom firmware for a specific server model.

The way to solve that is to get the OEM / supplier to discount the rest of their server hardware to offset the additional cost they’ve added onto the GPU (for no good reason).