PC build for Tesla M4 or P4


I’m a little new to this space, but looking to put together a machine for transcoding video. We have a ton of video to transcode into multiple resolutions. My thoughts are to use a Tesla M4 or Tesla P4 at this stage. I’m not sure what PC / server build I would need to support these cards.

Not looking for an expensive build and it won’t be in a server farm etc. I do want to give the card enough CPU power though.

Could someone give me a few suggestions for things I need to look out for?

Tesla cards including the M4 and P4 don’t have their own cooling built in. They depend on the server design for flow-through cooling, as well as monitoring of the GPU temperature to adjust cooling airflow.

NVIDIA doesn’t recommend that Tesla GPUs like this be installed by end-users in random systems. It’s recommended that they are used in properly qualified servers where the server OEM has qualified the P4 for use in that server.

You’re welcome to do what you wish, of course, but this board is littered with examples of people who ignore this and run into trouble.

Ok brilliant. This is the kind of advice I was looking for. Thanks!