Tesla P4 in Plex Server

I have a home-lab and, within that, I use a Win10 VM on Windows Server 2019 (HyperV) as my dedicated Plex server. It’s all running on a Dell R730xd machine. I’m planning on passing through a Tesla P4 GPU that I managed to pick up recently and I’m curious what vGPU license is needed for Plex transcoding. Would I need an RTX vWorkstation license or could I get away with vApp or vPC? I currently have a vWorkstation license dedicated to a Tesla P40 on another machine (HP DL380 G9) and it would be good if I could get the P4 running on something more cost effective for this use case. Thanks!

After pulling the trigger on the Tesla P4 and passing it through to my Windows 10 VM Plex Server (and doing a bit of tinkering), it turns out the Plex transcoder is able to use the P4 to transcode video streams using nothing more than the free data center drivers that can be downloaded from the Nvidia main site. Performance of the P4 in this use case is excellent. Very happy with the outcome and it was nice to discover that I could get this working without subscribing to another vGPU license… just thought I’d share for others.