Tesla P4 ESXi PCI Passthrough No vCenter or License Server


Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a Telsa P4 card in PCI Passthrough to a Windows 10 VM without using vCenter or the NVIDIA License Server?

ESXi 6.5
Windows 10 VM
NVIDIA Windows Driver: 425.25-tesla-desktop-win8-win7-64bit-international.exe

I’m assuming I don’t need a VIB driver installed as we’re passing the P4 directly through the Hypervisor to the Windows 10 VM?

With the above setup I can see that the Windows 10 VM recognises the Telsa P4 card but DXDIAG reports that Display 1 is using the VMware vSGA driver.

I can use a license server if required, however, there is no vCenter so not sure how adding a Shard PCI Device or Profiles would work. If anyone can point me to the appropriate guide I’d be grateful.

Many thanks.

Passthrough does not require the vGPU manager. You won’t need a license if you run the Tesla only driver.
SVGA driver is a different issue. Simply remove the SVGA driver from the VMWare tools.