Nvidia K20c and/or GTX 480 in VMware ESXi 5.5 using PCI passthrough

Has anyone been able to get a Tesla K20c or GTX 480 to work in a VMware ESXi environment? I’m able to pass the cards to the guest VM but they won’t work in Windows or RHEL 6.4 in x86 or x64 environments. I have been able to get it to work with a Tesla C2070 card. I tried swapping the K20 to the PCIE slot the C2070 worked in but that didn’t make a difference. In windows I get code 10 device won’t start on the K20.

Has anyone else tried this? For what it’s worth this is a supermicro server chassis.

I encountered the similar problem with K20c. Downloaded the latest card driver 332.50 and the problem was resolved. Give the driver a try.

Thanks, you are correct. The latest driver released corrected the problem I was having with the K20c. It works now in RHEL6 x64 and Windows 7 x64

The latest drivers for the GTX 480 however still do not work.

GTX 480 does not (natively) support VGA Passthrough… however it is possible to softmod the card to do so.

Hi vacaloca, may I ask how to accomplish it? (I have GTX 470 x2 @ SLi).

Thanks a lot!

You’ll have to disable SLI before you start. Also, you’ll want to understand how it’s done correctly, otherwise you could brick your card(s).

Some Google searches to find what you’re looking for:
“virtualized gaming” nvidia
gtx 480 c2050
eevblog nvidia