Tesla P40, do need license or simply use passthrough?

We have buy a used server, a Dell R7525 with 2 nVidia Tesla P40
The server will run esxi, vsphere essential with Windows 2022 as Remote Desktop Session Host.

Do I need grid license ?

Or simply configure Telsa P40 as passthrough device an link them to the Windows 2022 VM ?
Does Windows 2022 can use both P40 or need to create 2 Windows 2022 VM and associate one P40 to each VM ?

Thank you for your support

You will need vApps licensing no matter if you use vGPU or PT as you require the vGPU driver for this.
You could assign both GPUs to a single VM which makes no sense. Please use 2 VMs and assign 1 GPU each

Thank you. I will start the 90 days of trial and buy vApps licence after

Another question

If we install Windows 2022 with Hyper-V with the DDA feature, does it will work like ESXi and the passthroug ?
(we are out of esxi licence, but have some Windows 2022 avalaible)

Thank you

Yes, same scenario from NV perspective

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