Official guide for a low latency setup.

I’m playing quake-live (it 's based on the quake3 engine) on competitive level.
Low latency is very! important for this game, it’s played with 250fps and I use a 180hz crt.
I’ve tried your latest driver 370.23, it’s unusable for me because of latency so I had to revert to 367.35. In general, latency varies between your driver releases. This is very noticeable for long time quake player.

I’m missing an official guide for a low latency setup on linux. This is really bad.
I’m using ‘Option “RegistryDwords” “OGL_MaxFramesAllowed=0x1”’ now, quake is unplayable without it. This option is not mentioned in any official documentation. I had to google a lot and try a lot of unofficial recommendations. This is very bad.

It would be very nice if we would get an official statement about a low latency setup on linux.
I’m also wondering why latency changes between your driver releases. Are you testing the latency behaviour of your drivers on linux?