Okay to mix GPU architectures?

We are working on a deep learning task using Caffe. We currently have Dell 7910 workstations with single Quadro M4000s installed. We are planning to add additional cards to each server. Is it okay to mix M4000s with P4000s in the same workstation?


This is really a question for Dell. In general, its possible to mix Maxwell and Pascal GPUs in the same system and use both. However I don’t know if its a qualified config from Dell. In the worst case scenario, if you plug in GPUs that are not compatible with a particular system, then it can result in a no-boot scenario. I’m not suggesting this would happen here. Also, there may be internal risers, cables, etc. that may be needed to add GPUs to that particular system.


Thank you for the response. I will check with Dell. The servers do support multiple M4000s (they have the necessary risers). I need to check on the cables.

thanks again