Omxh264enc SliceIntraRefreshEnable

I try to use the SliceIntraRefreshEnable whose objective I believe is to spread out the I frame across several P-frames. Still no matter how I try it seems that this has no effect. Is there any decent documentation available besides the non-informative gst-inspect-1.0 omxh264enc ?

The property is to encode I frames instead o fIDR frames. If it is enabled, you will see frames being encoded like:

IDR P P P ... I P P P ... I P P ...

The fist frame is IDR frame and the rest are I frames.

Spreading out the I frame across several P-frames is advanced function and not supported in default L4T release.

Please note we are deprecating omx plugins. Fur leveraging hardware encoding on Jetson Nano, please use nvv4l2h264enc.

Thanks for the clarification, my misunderstanding. The feature I was looking for “periodic intra refresh” would be welcome if that emerges in later updates. And thanks for the pointer to nvv4l2h264enc.