omxh264enc supports reconfiguring itself on the fly (with gstreamer) ?

Hello everyone,

I have this pipeline : appsrc - omxh264enc - filter - appsink.

I am using appsrc to push raw video frames to the pipeline, frame size (resolution) is changing dynamically, so I must change appsrc caps before pushing frame to the pipeline.

So I should be able to just (according to gstreamer-devel):

  • push buffer in old format.
  • set new caps on appsrc.
  • push buffer in new format.

This should work but I it seems that omxh264enc does not change resolution when changing appsource caps. So is it possible to change resolution/ frame size at runtime ?

If not, is it something related to hardware or source code of plugins ? so can we change the source code to let coder support dynamic resolution change ?


We don’t support runtime resolution change in encoding.