Changing Encoder Parameters Dynamically

I wanted to perform dynamic change of encoder parameters like encode resolution, frame rate and bitrate to achieve some required functionality. I am not sure if GST plugin or the OMX API underneath supports dynamic configuration of these parameters. Is it possible to achieve this without reinitializing / recreating the encoder? Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

Specifically I am seeking answers to the above questions for accelerated H.264 video encoder.

Hi PavanDivakar,
We do not support dynamic change of encoder parameters with GST plugin on TX1. All parameters need to be configured at encoder initialization.

Hi PavanDivakar, starting from 24.2, we have Multimedia API package supporting runtime configurable parameters
Force I-frame

Please install via jetpack and check samples at

Hello, sorry to bump this old thread.
But I’m rally interested if the question from the previews user @PavanDivakar is valid on the TX2?
Would it be possible to change encoding parameters dynamically ?

Hi ADomi

For TX2 specific issue, please file into TX2 board: