On 10+ different acer laptops shutdown, standby, restart and suspend freeze the system

I have a problem that also affects more than 10 (and I suspect even more) acer laptops.

I own the specific model acer E5-573g-54R0, but all veriants of acer e5-573 are affected, and even acer e1-571.

Problem can be reproduced using ANY supported linux kernel and drivers.

I tested about 10 distros: ubuntu 15.05, 15.10, 16.04, 16.10, archlinux, manjaro, fedora, apricity, elementary os all of these distros are affected by the problem.

There is not a single working driver version. No metter when I grab drivers: official repos or nvidia download page, the problem is still there, no matter what.

I have created an issue on the customer support: https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/account/questions/detail/i_id/1069886 I’ll copy here the issue description:

when a shutdown command is given, or restart, or hybernate, or I close the screen, or the screen shutdown due to inctivity of the laptop the computer enters an “almost-dead” state. That state is not a complete shutdown. It has power-led on, electricity flows across components, but the screen is off.
From that state I cannot restore the laptop to a working status. I have to long-press the shutdown button and than restart.

I cannot generate the log using the nvidia utility because the system is in a non-reposive status, and I’m unable to login from ssh.

I have two notes: drivers are working “well” I can use cuda as both developer and final user. I can use opengl 4.5 and performance are really good. I cannot use bumblebee/noveau so I really need your help!

I have generated several system reports, those are attached on the issue linked before, but I can attach them on request.

What makes you think nvidia-driver is the problem? If you say ‘all variants of acer e5-573’ are effected, the majority of those don’t even have an nvidia gpu.
Does the problem go away if you uninstall nvidia-drivers and use integrated intel graphics only?
Otherwise, I’d rather turn to Acer or set up a minimal system for trouble-shooting (just minimal kernel and boot to console).

I had exactly the same issue on manjaro with an Eee-PC netbook (integrated Intel graphics card, no NVidia GPU). It seems to be something with the kernel 4.4, both upgrading to 4.7 and downgrading to 4.1 fixed the issue.

Oh no, wait a second!
Issues only shows up in Nvidia laptop.
As another proof with noveau driver everything works perfectly.
With Nvidia driver installed switching to te Intel solve every issue, so… Yeah… I’m Pretty sure the problem is the Nvidia driver.