On support of B-reference frame in new versions of Encoder

i listened an introduction of Nvidia (2018) on new features of GPU


The author reports that if the middle frame in a triple of successive B-frames is used for reference by its immediate neighboring B-frames (i.e. the cadence … P b B b P … ). Then the improvement in BD-PSNR is 0.3 dB against ordinary cadence (… P b b b P …).
i didn’t understand whether these results related to HEVC or AVC or to both. i would be glad if someone elaborate.
It’s worth mentioning that B-reference is not allowed in BluRay specification.

Hi sriabtsev,

NVENCODEAPI doesn’t support B frames for HEVC, all mention of B frames and associated features are in context of H.264 only. The B-as-Reference is not enabled by default, NVENCODEAPI provides controls to enable the user if (s)he wants to use B frame as reference.

Ryan Park

Thanks Ryan

Let me exploit your kindness and slightly re-phrase my query. Does NVDECODER support B-pyramid? , i.e. reference B-frames.

For AVC (H.264) video, yes.