NvMediaIEP maxNumRefFrames vs useBFramesAsRef

Software Version: DRIVE Software 10

NvMediaEncodeInitializeParamsH265::maxNumRefFrames seems to allow enabling B frames as reference. However, there’s also NvMediaEncodeInitializeParamsH265::useBFramesAsRef, which seems to do the same thing as setting maxNumRefFrames to 2.
Could the use of maxNumRefFrames vs useBFramesAsRef for enabling B frames as reference be clarified?

Aside, the description for maxNumRefFrames is quite confusing. For example, what does “max reference numbers” mean? Reference numbers of/to what?
There’s also a typo in useBFramesAsRef's description: “refernces”.

Hi @raul.tambre,

Ideal data type for useBFramesAsRef is Boolean. If set it (as 1) enables B frames to be used as reference frames.

And maxNumRefFrames will hold the max reference numbers (includes I, P and B frames also if useBFramesAsRef is set)used for encoding. maxNumRefFrames supported in Xavier is 8.

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