OP-TEE on Jetson AGX Xavier

Hello, from my understanding, the Jetson Linux OS for Jetson AGX Xavier comes with OP-TEE included. That is, it is prebuilt and is part of the Jetson Linux OS installed on the device. However I don’t seem to find where exactly (e.g folder) the OP-TEE is located. And the documentation for OP-TEE on Jetson does not clarify this. This makes it very tricky to test an example application.

On the otherhand, if I misunderstood the documentation, and OP-TEE’s components (i.e optee_os, optee_client etc) do not come pre-installed, is there available documentation that outlines how to go about installing these on the Jetson AGX Xavier?

Thanks in advance.

Hi petersonyuhala,

You could refer to the following link for the documentation of OP-TEE.
OP-TEE: Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment

For OP-TEE source, you could download BSP source and extract for atf_src.tbz2

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the tip. I will do that and get back to you.

Hi Kevin, so I downloaded the OP-TEE source and I’ve been trying to do a custom OP-TEE build as described in atf_src/atf_and_optee_README.txt. This file suggests we replace the TOS image (for example: tos-optee_t194.img for the Jetson AGX Xavier) in the corresponding bootloader folder for Jetson Linux after building OP-TEE and generating a tos.img file. I have 2 questions:

My first question concerns when we should replace the above mentioned file in the bootloader folder. For example do we need to replace the file before assembling the rootfs as described here

Or do we replace the file just before we are about to run the final flash command.

My second question has to do with other files: tos_t194.img, tos-trusty_t194.img etc that are also located in the bootloader folder. Why are these files not replaced after the custom OP-TEE build ?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi petersonyuhala,

Congrat. you’ve done this.

To answer both of your questions, you should just replace the <Linux_for_Tegra>/bootloader/tos-optee_t194.img with your re-build image.
This is the source file, and it would duplicate to other location (like rootfs) during flash.

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