OPEN CV .deb files


I am currently trying to install OPEN CV on my Nvidia Jetson platform. For this I am following this tutorial:

However I cannot find the described .deb files to install OpenCV with. They are nowhere to find under the proposed link:

I also cannot find them anywhere else.

Does someone know where these files are located? Or point me in the right direction to find them?

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I haven’t had a need for OpenCV but added this link to the Jetson Links thread:

It’s pretty obvious that this does not include Jetson-specific installs, so it is of limited use. However, I found specific downloads with individual L4T downloads:

…the above is of course just for R21.2 and probably will fail with R19.3.

Have you checked the “Jetson TK1 Development Pack”:

That’s supposed to install all the dependencies using a GUI on the host PC. I’m not sure if it supports installing the dependencies to an already otherwise working system or does it want to make a full clean install.

Thanks for the replies. =)

I found the answer in the second link ( ). There is a part with OPENCV4TEGRA with a Readme and .deb files, but only one .deb file for running OPENCV on the Jetson. A quick look in the Readme showed that now only one .deb file needs to be installed. The other tools can be aquired through apt-get. Apparently the wiki is outdated.

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Thanks Gerald, I updated the eLinux wiki with instructions for OpenCV installation on L4T 21.x.