OpenCL Benchmarking

I am an end user first of all, just to be clear. I am running ASUS RealBench v2.2 to benchmark my system and compare my system performance to others who have similar systems. The results of my system benchmark are posted at I noticed the OpenCL score was very low compared to others with similar systems using AMD video cards such as the one at this other link so naturally I was concerned about my nVidia investment, maybe not configured optimally or maybe having a bug in the nVidia driver that has not yet been reported. Looking at many of the leaderboard score results and comparing the OpenCL scores reveals this seems to be an epidemic where a lot of nVidia cards score much much lower in this area than AMD cards. So there maybe is an issue which is why I am bringing this concern to your attention. I would also like to request any details on the standard benchmark scores for this card or how I may determine if the card is working to its full capacity? Or if nVidia has a preferred or recommended benchmark utility to recommend so I may look at other data points concerning my system performance.

The details of my video card follow.

GeForce GTX 770 SLI (two cards) Driver 340.43

Please advise and thank you.