OpenCL sample programs not building?

Hi there, I downloaded a CUDA 7 development environment and built all the CUDA sample programs. My organization is interested in OpenCL, so I’ve downloaded the OpenCL sample programs too.

The instructions tell me to cd to ‘NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK/OpenCL’ and run a make. This appears to reference a Makefile in the shared folder, but that Makefile isn’t there. I don’t see one in any of the shared folders of any of the sample programs. Is this missing, or am I missing something?

CUDA 7 doesn’t include that folder, nor does it include instructions for building OpenCL samples, because those samples are not included with CUDA 7. So when you say “The instructions” I guess maybe you’re referring to old OpenCL pages on the web. If you want to build the OpenCL samples that came with previous toolkits, then download the SDK from a toolkit like CUDA 4.0 and use that.

You’ll need to go through a process something like this: