OpenCL support on NVIDIA cards For Win Vista OS

Does NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS support OpenCL under Win Vista Enterprise edition?

OpenCL Programming Guide

Check Appendix A for all OpenCL/Cuda supported cards

Thanks for pointing to that useful information. Is it safe to assume that if a new NVIDIA card is marketed as supporting CUDA that it will also support OpenCL? I’m planning on buying a laptop for OpenCL development, and the NVIDIA card (GTS 360M) in the model I’m considering is newer than the publication date of this list.

I’m fairly certain that this card will support OpenCL development, but some of the things I’ve read regarding the difference between the GeForce and Quadro cards have me worried that maybe OpenCL development is only possible with the Quadro cards. If anyone can confirm that the current line-up of GeForce Mobile cards support OpenCL development, that would be great.

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