Quadro 400 - Does this card support Open CL?

I have recently purchased HP 210z with a Quadro 400 card.
Sony Vegas 11 now supports OpenCL.
How do I determine whether the Quadro 400 card supports OpenCL as it does not list this card here (http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus) where cuda capable (has CUDA cores of 48) cards are listed with their Compute Capability?

Sony Vegas now supports all cards with a computer capability of 1 and above after installation of the latest (276.28) drivers … which I have done but does not work?

Thanks in advance


If you click on the “Features” tab under “Overview” here, the text mentiones OpenCL (though in a rather Quadro-familiy generic manner). If unsure, just install an application like GPU-Z or GPU Caps Viewer and check whether it lists OpenCL support.

Thanks eyebex

GPU Caps Viewer reports a OpenCL as “OpenCL 1.0, Quadro 400 compute units:6@1125MHz” which should work but Sony Vegas 11 reports that the card is unsupported

I don’t know about the requirements of Sony Vegas, but my guess is that it requires OpenCL 1.1, and you only have OpenCL 1.0 (which is a hardware limitation by your Quadro card, not a driver issue).