Quadro 4000 Mac Edition & OpenCL


Can someone with a Quadro 4000 Mac edition verify that Apple’s OpenCL recognizes the GPU? Something tells me that it doesn’t.


I can report that Apple’s OpenCL currently does not recognize the Quadro 4000. With the card out for several months now, it is frustrating that no acknowledgment or plan has been communicated by Apple about this.

Exactly as I suspected. It is surely NVIDIA’s Quadro 4000 driver incompatibility with Apple’s OpenCL. I wish I knew what to correct in order to make it function and mind you 10.6.7 still does not resolve this issue. No updates in OpenCL, no updates in OpenGL. I am extremely surprised.



I get more and more the feeling that Apple’s GPU switch IS the main reason for NVIDIA disregarding OpenCL now. Until mid of 2010 they seemed quite enthusiastic about it! I was already thinking about persuading my boss to get one of those into my Mac Pro at work, but after hearing OpenCL is not supported I am quite happy I didn’t, because GPGPU development is the only thing I really need it for. Thanks for the information!


I have Quadro 4000 MAC edition too.
I don’t have OpenCL too.
Try this bundle:


It is not working for me, but I hope work for you:)