OpenCL support on Tesla K20

I am writing a paper for an academic conference, and mentioning the current and upcoming OpenCL compliant products. Current Teslas do support OpenCL just fine. Can anyone from Nvidia confirm that Tesla K20 will also support OpenCL?

my GPU is a K10 card and it does support OpenCL but not the 1.2 version (yet). I really hope they give us new drivers soon, with support for OpenCL 1.2 as well


I want to program on Tesla K-20 Card using OpenCL.

I searched in internet, but i didn’t find whether Tesla k-20 GPU had OpenCL support or not?

Could you please any one confirm on this .

Thanks and Regards,

OpenCL 1.1 is supported on any NVIDIA cards that also support CUDA. It would seem like OpenCL 1.2 support is coming soon – see: