So I want to know: If I write OpenCL code to CPU. Can CPU compile it??? :ph34r:

As NVIDIA does not make CPUs, you might have better luck asking intel/amd

I think the question should be asked to the possible implementers of the OpenCL API. If I understood correctly, awpkunlun wants to know if OpenCL code can target multicore CPUs additionally to GPUs, CELL and other systems. Is that the question?

If so, I think if someone creates a CPU library then sure - OpenCL is just an API without the underlying implementation. They did implement OpenGL to work with onboard graphics (de facto CPUs), didn’t they?.

And we know that at least one research group successfully implemented CUDA for a multicore CPU target, so I would imagine that a CPU target for OpenCL should be on someone’s todo list. Such a fallback will be very important with the number of multicore systems out there.