OpenCV problem in JetsonTK1


I have a jetson tk1 and I have successfully installed CUDA 6.5 and OpenCv 3.1.0 on it.

I have a simple opencv (C++) project that I have compiled on other computers and its working perfect but I can not compile this project when using jetson tk1.

What I do is first using “cmake .” and then “make”. I can successfully use cmake . (with CMakeLists.txt) but after writing the command “make” I dont face any errors but I dont get any executable files in my project directory. It means that the project is not being compiled.

Can anyone help me…


You might want to run make clean and then rebuild and show the last page or so of output. One way to log this (if for example your command is just “make”) is:

make 2>&1 | tee makelog.txt

Thanks for your response.

I have two files here.

  1. sample.cpp file
    2)CMakeLists.txt file

What I do is first run the command $cmake. in the project directory and then run $make. After this my project is compile and I have output to execute my program.

I can not do this in OpenCV4Tegra. I have also installed opencv 3.1.0 but still facing the same problem. I can successfully run the command cmake. but the $make command is doing nothing…

It sounds like the output of cmake configures a makefile/Makefile for make which does nothing. I would have no idea why cmake would fail, but if you can post your makefile it may be possible to look at individual build targets and suggest an explicit make command to gather more information on the issue.