OpenCV with CUDA on jetson 2GB

Hi, is there anyone who tried to enable cuda support with openCV on jetson 2GB? I’ve read some topics, but all of them relete to 4gb version, despite of twice as much RAM that there were problems with lacking of RAM. So I am not sure if it’s even worth trying to install? If so, is there any tutorial how to do it?

We never try this case. Would need other users to share experience.

If you would like to give it a try. May try this script and check if it can be built/run successfully:
JEP/ at master · AastaNV/JEP · GitHub

I have done some experiments and it turns out that I am able to install CUDA for OpenCV, however I can’t use it. I am getting this error: warning: setUpNet DNN module was not built with CUDA backend; switching to CPU · Issue #15858 · opencv/opencv · GitHub, I have done installation process via cmake 3 times, each time is successfully and I am still getting this error.

You may try other OpenCV samples to clarify if the failure is specific to certain functions. Probably the functions require significant memory.

May try this basic sample:
Displaying to the screen with OpenCV and GStreamer - #9 by DaneLLL

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