OpenGL and RDP

Release 341.05 for Quadro cards comes with "OpenGL hardware acceleration on Windows Remote Desktop"

This is a fantastic functionality I am now using with Quadro cards that I pass through to VMs in some of our servers. Is there a timeline for when this functionality with come to vGPU and the K520 drivers?

vGPU supports OpenGL already and has done so since launch.

Do you mean when will the RDP bypass functionality become part of the driver stack?

If that’s what it’s called (RDP bypass functionality), yes. Whatever allows for an OpenGL application to have its graphical data passed via RDP, which I’ve never seen with Nvidia drivers before release 341.05

341.05 also seems to be applicable to the GRID K1/K2 cards when operating the entire card in passthrough/presenting it physically to an entire machine, but the vGPU drivers do not have the same functionality.

Nor does 341.05 apply to the GRID K520 it seems.

The K520 is a GRID gaming card, for virtualisation use for VDI you need either a K1 or a K2 which both support vGPU.

The functionality was included in the 340 driver, and will cascade into the vGPU driver eventually though there’s no current published timeline.

Just for anyone that may stumble upon this, it seems as of the 34x.xx driver series for vGPUs, "OpenGL hardware acceleration on Windows Remote Desktop" works as it does on Quadro cards in passthrough with later drivers. This is great!

Doesn’t seem to be documented in the release notes for the vGPU drivers but I’ve tested it.