Quadro RTX 5000 and vGPU - Help!

There is a new Quadro RTX 5000 installed in a DELL R730 server with two processors and 256GB memory. Installed Windows Server 2022
It is necessary to provide remote access for three engineers who will work in a professional program for calculating acoustic reverberations (the program needs OpenGL).
Can you tell me how you can configure so that they can simultaneously run and use the Quadro RTX 5000? I did not see this model in the documentation for using vGPU.

What you are trying to do is not a vGPU use case. You simply need to enable the default GPU fof RDP (local policy) in Windows Server OS. For better remoting Performance I would also recommend to enable the H264 policies.

Regards Simon

Hi Sschaber,

Thanks for the quick response!

Microsoft has removed the RemoteFX feature from all versions due to security issues - Deploy graphics devices using RemoteFX vGPU | Microsoft Docs.

"Because of security concerns, RemoteFX vGPU is disabled by default on all versions of Windows starting with the July 14, 2020 Security Update and removed starting with the April 13, 2021 Security Update. To learn more, see [KB 4570006] KB4570006: Update to disable and remove the RemoteFX vGPU component in Windows "

They want to make a new GPU-P technology, but this is not yet known.

What other options are there? I hate to believe that buying a GPU for $ 2800 can’t make it work for three people.

Ok, so I assume that you want to virtualize with Server 2022 and have 3 Win10 VMs as guest OS. Wasn’ t clear from your current description. Unfortunately there is no other option if you want to virtualize. So why not using Server 2022 without virtualization? The problem is not the RTX5000 but the OS. If you want to use vGPU you need to use a working hypervisor like ESX or XenServer. MSFT may support GPU-P for Server 2022 in a future release but currently there is no option…


I am not suggesting anything. I asked how to be in such a situation and what I need to buy to make it work.

It just doesn’t work via RDP - a black screen on the remote desktop if you enable RemoteFX via RDP.

I’m guessing because Microsoft RemoteFX is no longer supported in any way at all.

ESX or XenServer - what should be installed, what drivers, etc., to make it work in the described scheme? If possible in more detail, since I first encountered such a task.

I still don’t know yet what you are trying to achieve. Please describe first the intended use case. RDSH or Win10 VDI. Without more details there is no way to give you proper advise.
If you are OK with Server 2022 and baremetal then it should work already with just installing the Nvidia Quadro driver. Forget the RemoteFX approach as this won’t work…

Have a DELL R730 + GPU Quadro RTX 5000 + Windows Server 2022
I need office workers (2-3 people) to log into Windows Server via RDP at the same time for simple office tasks. And at the same time, three engineers could work remotely while using of the RTX 5000 resources while working in a professional acoustic modeling program. I need the simplest, most convenient and 100% working solution without a headache. As you advise, we will do it. Thank you in advance for responding quickly!

Ok, thanks for clarification. So I would just enable RHSH role on Server 2022, install NV driver, set local policy to use GPU for RDP sessions and that’s it. The 3 users will share the GPU resources but that should be fine.

Thank you!