Quadro P4000 on WS 2012r2/2016 - Requirements for RemoteFX?

I need to enable graphics acceleration on a server application (2D mapping) with a GPU card.
Very few remote client (4x) will connect via RDP on the server and access the application via RDSH, to avoid infrastructure complexity we would like to use bare metal solution with RDSH (no citrix or horizon).

It’s still not clear what are the requirements to enable RemoteFX under the RDP protocol?
Do I need to enable Hyper-V mandatory?

I see some early adopter topics: https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/868/general-discussion/windows-server-2016-rds-session-host-bare-metal-with-gpu/

And some MS documentation about enabling RemoteFX on RDS role:

Any insights please?

Why would you want to use RemoteFX?
You already have GPU acceleration with P4000!!! You just need to enable the local policy to use the GPU for RDS sessions.



The idea is that some times user will be connecting from low bandwidth VPN (5-10Mbit) and remoteFX should optimize 2D cartography visualization on remote sites.

Since we don’t have XenDesktop/Horizon optimizations, RDP itself should not provide a good experience.

Am I wrong?

Well, from my understanding RemoteFX is the technology to share the GPU and has nothing to do with remoting. You should optimize RDS with the right policies to use H264 for remoting. Really no need for RemoteFX (which is deprecated feature btw). I think I posted the policies necessary in another thread.
But for sure you won’t be able to get the same experience you would get with Citrix or VMware but at least it should work with acceptable performance.



Thanks a lot, as i can see here:
and here:

It seems that RemoteFX has three main features:

  • vGPU (only in Hyper-V role)
  • new codec (for in RDHS role)
  • USB redirection (any role)

So if I understand well, in this case with bare metal WS and RDS the Quadro P4000 will be used for host rendering as physical card, and for RemoteFX hardware codec acceleration instead of Server CPU.

Do you agree?

RemoteFX optimizations for WAN in win8/ws2012 (vs win7)

Well, I’m not able to comment on this specific codec feature but the article is pretty old and outdated. We are now at RDP10 with 2016 and especially H264 codec makes the trick here. An I said earlier, this has nothing to do with RemoteFX. Even the opposite is true as you have very limited features with RemoteFX (intercepted graphics) compared to Passthrough with native Nvidia drivers which delivers full support for DX and OGL.
See for example here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Enterprise-Mobility-Security/Remote-Desktop-Protocol-RDP-10-AVC-H-264-improvements-in-Windows/ba-p/249588
Just give it a try…