OpenGL and remote desktop on Windows 10

I have trouble using OpenGL over Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) on a Windows 10 computer. The machine has an NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600 GT. Yet, OpenGL reports the card is a GDI Generic Device. The driver is up to date v342.01

I know for sure OpenGL over RDC is possible for I am able to do so with another machine equipped with a Quadro.

Do I need to enable an option in Windows for it to work? Or is it jus not possible with this graphic card?

I add that if the program using OpenGL is started locally, I am able to use it via remote desktop without any problem.

Thank you

I have the same problem with GEFORCE cards, both on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. As far as I know, a RDC using OpenGL 3.0 or higher will only work with the following cards: NVIDIA Grid K1, NVIDIA Grid K2 and NVIDIA Grid M6. I was not aware that it could work with a Quadro. Which Quadro model are you using?

Many thanks

We are using a Quadro 4000 but i think many models will work.
Check the supported products on the driver release notes.
“OpenGL hardware acceleration on Windows Remote Desktop”

Old thread I know, but I am now in the same exact boat: trying to use remote desktop into a Windows Server 2016 R2 PC and running into OpenGL errors.

I can confirm that an older K1200 Quadro card works fine and that my GeForce 1080 Ti works fine locally but not remotely.

Still desperately looking for a solution that allows the GeForce line to work via RDP and to be clear, most things works fine remotely. I have only found 1 software application (Cura) that does not work.