Opening old projects

Is there a way to open projects in PVF from older MS Development IDE’s, specifically from Compaq Visual Fortran? All of our codes are in CVF, and PVF is unable to read the project files, which means that to port our codes will take quite an effort to build new project files for each program. Thanks for any assistance.

There is currently no tool or utility to convert CVF projects to PVF. The process for porting such a project is straightforward, although admittedly there is effort required to enter things like linker properties by hand.

  1. Create a new empty PVF project
  2. Add Existing Items to the project (right-click on the project node in Solution Explorer)
  3. Enter properties like linker properties and preprocessor definitions by hand
  4. Build->Solution (this will generate build dependencies)
  5. Repeat for other projects in the solution. Be sure to set Project Dependencies (right-click on the Solution node in Solution Explorer)

We recommend using the default settings for compiler optimizations to start with. There is no good way to map Compaq compiler optimization options to PGI options.