How to create a .lib file from a .DLL file in C

My problem has not been resolved yet, so I come back.

This is my problem:

My Fortran program calls some C functions in a DLL which was compiled by a third party with Borland C++. When I compile my Fortran program using PGI PVF with the .lib file I have for linking, it complains that the format of the library file is invalid.

How can I create a .lib file from the .DLL file which can be used in PGI PVF?
I know how to do it with another company’s compiler. But the procedure does not work for PGI PVF.

Many thanks!


The question we ask is - are the Borland C++ objects capable of linking with
Visual C++? It would be VC++ that should be able to convert the lib to a dll,
if possible.

Have you asked Borland?